“It Kills Me Entirely”

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An Interview with Dávid Makó

“Those who say I am trying to be like David Eugene Edwards are wrong because I want to be like Tom Waits”, says Dávid Makó with some serious self-irony. The singer and banjo player performs powerful folk-songs that root in the American culture. In the

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“The Song Belongs To Whoever Is Playing It”

Photos: Pál Czirják

An Interview with Iván Vitáris

Ivan & The Parazol is, without a doubt, the most successful young rock band in Hungary these days. Singer Iván Vitáris tells us about how they could become even better with their third album, what advice they were given by Hungarian musician János Bródy and

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Destination: North


Anez: Listen Closely

The experimental, elecronic duo, ANEZ released their latest album, Listen Closely in October 2014. It is an album that is worth „dusting off” and listening to after some time again, so let’s see what it has to offer.  

The band was formed

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Alternative Xmas Exhibition and Art Fair


Contemporary Christmas at Latarka Gallery


Latarka Gallery have opened a prestigious two-in-one exhibition last week – a Christmas fair with more than two hundred pieces of artworks of one hundred and twenty artists. This is quite an impressive number to represent the elite of Hungarian fine artists

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Someone Always Smashed It to Pieces


Ibolya Fekete: Mom and Other Loonies in the Family


Once upon a time… – we could start a movie like this if it were not based on real life. After Chico and the many times awarded Bolshe Vita, Ibolya Fekete returned to the movies with an almost biographical

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